Welcome to Hillman imp for sale

This web page has been created for the sale of anything related to the Hillman Imp.

Fed up looking for an imp for sale, and having to troll through internet auction sites and other on line advertising sites, selling everything, when all you really want is an imp? Well then this is the one stop shop for you. The site is not designed to replace the other sales sites, it is just here to bring together all the imps in one place. It is run by a volunteer and imp fan and no money is made. It will only be as good as it can be if people take advantage of the free sales space. Trade and private sales both welcome, so long as it is imp related.

It is absolutley FREE to advertise. So if you have an imp, related car or imp parts or memorobilia for sale then log them at www.hillmanimpforsale.co.uk and good luck with your sale. sales@hillmanimpforsale.co.uk

The team

P.S Imp specialists are welcome to advertise on the site. Contact us for information.